How do I use the coffee maker in the co-working space?

Need a quick cup of coffee before work? Don't want to go through the struggle of making a full pot of coffee at home? Follow these instructions to have a coffee shop worthy cup of coffee just steps from your front door!

Starting the Machine

  • Press the On/Off button to switch the JURA on. The screen will flash the following greetings: ‘Welcome to JURA’ ‘Machine is heating’ ‘Machine is rinsing’. Then the system is rinsed. Once the rinse stops, the machine is ready for use.
  • Make sure there are beans in the top of the coffee maker. Extra coffee beans are in the jar to the left of the coffee maker. 
  • Fill up the water tank on the coffee maker. You can find the water tank on the left side of the machine. 
  • Check the milk chiller to make sure there is plenty of milk ready to go

Making a Cup of Coffee

  • Choose the type of coffee you'd like to make on the display
  • For latte macchiato, cappuccino, flat white, or regular frothed milk, place your mug under the milk frother on the right side of the machine. If you are using the professional fine foam frother, turn the selector switch to the Milk Foam position (left side of the dial). If you want to heat the milk turn the setting wheel of the professional frother to the Milk position (right side of the dial).
  • For ristretto, espresso, and regular coffee, place a cup under the coffee spout.  Press the desired button. Preparation starts and the coffee strength is displayed. The preset amount of water for coffee flows into the cup.

e8 jura coffee machine-1

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